About Firomar

Efficiency that Lasts, savings that Endure.

Introducing Firomar

The Firomar team is equipped with architects, designers, engineers, and construction professionals. Together, the Firomar team ensures maximum savings from the design stages and into installation of every project. Our team has a four-decade reputation for excellence in the construction industry. 

The Firomar team has undergone an extensive research and development initiative to bring this cutting-edge, novel clean energy to the North American market.

Firomar EPS / GPS block mold open, TH10

Bespoke Technology

Firomar is equipped with the worlds largest EPS/GPS block mold. This high-performance building technology delivers premium, low-energy sustainable buildings at an affordable cost.

Firomar’s machinery was built in Europe for the North American market, modeled after the European net-zero initiatives. This machinery molds EPS/GPS into steel frames, completely eliminating thermal bridging while integrating structure, insulation, and cladding support in an efficient single-factory process. FIROTHERM panels are unmatched in thermal and structural efficiency.

The Firomar machinery has the ability to cast EPS/GPS pieces to an approximate maximum dimension of 30′ x 12′ x 1′, with a cycle time of about 5 minutes. The Firomar manufacturing technology is further equipped with “internal moving walls” can change the internal mold dimensions, unlike any other EPS/GPS mold.

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