FIROTHERM panels provide the most efficient, lightweight solution, at a fraction of the cost of any other manufacturer 

Improve Building with FIROTHERM

FIROTHERM is optimized to reduce build times and construction costs, while maintaining a combination of air-tight and thermal-bridge-free joints. FIROTHERM panels provide comfortable indoor climates, significant energy savings, and a remarkable load-bearing capacity.

Firomar’s scope includes design, manufacture and erection, all from a single point of responsibility. This avoids risk of delays from disputes with third party designers and material suppliers. 

The FIROTHERM system integrates structure, insulation and cladding support in a single factory process, which is unmatched in thermal and structural efficiency. The weight of steel can achieve a 70% reduction in weight compared to normal construction methods. 

Unlike traditional insulating methods, FIROTHERM panels will not degrade with time. These panels maintain their R-Value for at least 100 years. 

FIROTHERM panels are easily assembled, requiring significantly less on-site labor. 

FIROTHERM delivers R-Values ranging from 10 to 60 with appropriate panel thickness ranging from 2 to 12 inches. Insulating a structure using FIROTHERM panels is up to 80-90% more energy efficient than traditional methods. They are also 100% recyclable. 

Firomar creates an opportunity to provide a step change in the speed and efficiency of building. On large sites, up to 10,000 sq. ft. gross area per week can be achieved.

FIROTHERM panels are adaptable to all climate zones, as well as extreme weather. 

FIROTHERM panels reduce monthly maintenance and utility costs due to their air-tight an thermal-bridge-free joint, resulting in comfortable indoor climate, and significant energy savings. 

Structures made with FIROTHERM panels will see an increase in property values due to their energy efficiency, long-lasting nature. 

FIROTHERM's Statistics

Reduced Carbon Emissions
1 %
lighter panels
1 %
1 %

Traditional Insulation

Traditional insulation may sag over time, reducing its overall effectiveness


FIROTHERM is a solid, cellular material that will not break down or collapse over the life of the product. The FIROTHERM panel system allows you to build faster, with less risk and more certainty. Designed, engineered, manufactured and erected to the highest standards. Our patent-pending assembly offers significant benefits and savings across the market. ​

Firomar Before insulation photoFIROTHERM Insulated Panel After Photo

A Product Like No Other

Firomar is a pioneer of lightweight exterior envelope systems, providing a panelized system solution in a market where one does not currently exist. Our unique FIROTHERM panels are manufactured to size, pre-assembled, and ready for installation once they reach site.  FIROTHERM panels integrate all windows, doors, ducts, vapor barrier, insulation and structural capacity to one assembly. These panels are thermally broken and monolithic, with 0% chance of air infiltration, and no weak points of failure. No other panel manufacturer can guarantee that.  

FIROTHERM panels streamline long-term savings and returns for building owners in energy consumption for years to come. 

FIROTHERM 2-bedroom House


30′ x 12′ x 5″


30′ x 12′ x 5″

Firomar EPS Mold

FIROTHERM Panels Vs. Summer Household Temperatures

FIROTHERM panels are the ideal solution for building envelopes, as they minimize thermal losses through its mass, and result in comfortable indoor climates and significant energy savings.

FIROTHERM Panels Annual Electricity Use

In a FIROTHERM structure, your use of energy on heat and AC will significantly reduce. FIROTHERM panels maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, all year round. 

Firomar’s Services


Firomar provides a solution that helps bring existing buildings to net-zero emissions.

New Construction

FIROTHERM structures are stronger, safer, and quieter than traditional construction methods.


Firomar Geofoam offers superior stability for geotechnical needs as lightweight fill.

Survey Design Model (SDM)

Firomar's SDM method allows for risk-adverted installation.