Streamline your project with Firomar’s Geofoam blocks. With the largest EPS blocks on the market, we ensure efficient installation and cost-effective solutions for all structural fill challenges.

Firomar Geofoam Lightweight Fill

Firomar Geofoam is a lightweight engineered fill designed to deliver the highest level of stability for an array of geotechnical applications. 
Firomar boasts the world’s largest EPS/GPS machine. Our revolutionary machinery ensures faster processing, minimal material usage, and significantly reduced waste, setting a new standard for efficiency in geofoam production.

This translates to substantial benefits for our customers, including quicker project completion times, minimized environmental impact, and enhanced project sustainability. By choosing Firomar, our clients can enjoy streamlined operations and greater cost savings, as our efficient production methods enable us to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality

Shuttering & Landfill

Firomar Geofoam

Firomar Geofoam Capabilities

Slope Stabilization
Lightweight Highways
Utility Protection
Bridge Abutment
Road Widening
Rail Embankment
Airport Runway
Foundation Fill
Stadium Seating