The FIROTHERM technology has the potential to unlock the retrofit market as a function of turning the process itself into a product. 

Why Retrofit

  • Health: cleaner air, comfortable indoor temperature
  • Resilience: strength against extreme weather conditions
  • Low-carbon: use renewable energy and carbon smart materials
  • Energy savings: reduce monthly utility costs with an air-tight panel
  • Direct economic benefits: reduced costs of building heating and cooling
  • Indirect economic benefits: enhanced property value or rental level of existing buildings, and improved tenant comfort level.

Firomar's Solutions

  • Affordable exterior envelope panel 
  • Scalable retrofit solution to be replicated among multiple similar building typologies
  • Return value to owners and investors
  • Minimal tenant disruption
  • Maintain affordable rent
  • Reduce labor costs and time

FIROTHERM Retrofit Application

Based on both desk and primary research, there is currently no U.S. manufacturer producing an exterior envelope for high-performance retrofit solutions, until now.

This gap in the market is what brought the development of FIROTHERM panels, a cost-effective solution designed for exterior envelope retrofits in the North American market. Firomar will spearhead the creation of standardized, scalable panels in the retrofit market, revolutionizing the way buildings are renovated in North America. 

This scalable business model will reveal the potential to disrupt and transform the building industry, while delivering better solutions for all building owners. 

Retrofit Demand on the Rise: Local Law 97

To combat high Greenhouse Gas emissions, the New York City Council implemented Local Law 97 in 2019, setting energy standards to buildings larger than 25,000 square feet, along with penalties for those who fail to meet the caps. This law requires Greenhouse Gas emissions to be lower by 40% before 2030 and 80% by 2050.

To avoid penalties, carbon intensive buildings will require deep energy retrofits. There exists a lack of proven solutions to meet future demand, there is no existing cost-effective solution with Local Law 97 driving up the market need.

Firomar’s breakthrough low costs will enable New York City to begin retrofit pilot projects, and have building owners adhere to Local Law 97.

FIROTHERM panels integrate structure, insulation, and cladding support in a single factory process. This is unmatched in thermal and structural efficiency.

The patent-pending FIROTHERM overburden creates a thermally-broken, monolithic lightweight panel, while achieving necessary r-values.

After the Energiesprong initiative in Holland, North America began to follow suit with Retrofit NY, RMI, Retrofit Canada, and many more. Firomar’s technology was specifically designed in Europe, modeled after exterior building envelope systems there, with the North American market in mind. The European systems work for smaller structures, but in America we needed a more versatile solution.

The American market needed something that could be used  on anything from a single-family home to a 70 story structure; hence the commissioning of the bespoke Firomar machinery. 

FIROTHERM panels are attached to the existing building exterior. There is no need for demolition; causing minimal tenant disruption during construction. 

Sustainability of Retrofitting

Approximately 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions come from existing buildings. 70% of these buildings are expected to still be standing in 2050.

We are unable to address climate change without shifting our focus to our current structures.

Firomar provides a solution that helps bring existing buildings to net-zero emissions.

Retrofitting is the solution, and Firomar is here to get us there.